Juxtaposition – phase 1

On my 30th photo shoot I initially sought to develop a concept of framing objects in nature by putting a white background behind them. I got inspiration from from Kyra Schmidt Transcription series.





I was particularly struck by this photo of hers, which I directly attempted to replicate.

dsc_43137IMG_2024IMG_2955But in trying to develop the concept I realised that I didn’t have the equipment needed. For a replica shoot to be successful I would need a solid white background. For now I will have to shelve the idea.

With no particular artists in mind I made the photo shoot a revisit to my mode of working I had during my AS-level photography projects. Those were, in contrast to my photographs now, more sculptural and constructed, as opposed to my motive-seeking mode of working presently.





However, I don’t consider these photographs as stand alone works but only as raw material for the broader theme which I am now pursuing. I got my inspiration from a rather unorthodox source: Filthy Franks music video Pink Season: The Prophecy

I was intrigued by his expressive cinematography and the way he juxtapositioned the videos to amplify his message, as well as generating new messages. I tried to replicate the same concept in film at fist, but transcribe it to still photography.



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