The fabric of reality

With refrence to Shoot 2 I sought out to explore the same enviorment, but diverging from the tree tops to other parts of the enviorment. This lead me to a river where I examined the fascinating properties of waves: hydrodynamics.

With a conscious decision I made reference to Elliot Scarlett-Abbot. Particularly his works of reflections in water making for motives of inverted and conflicting perspectives:

Despite the loose connection, I sought to combine his use of perspective with the abstract quality of waves. This resulted in my opinion for a few very successful outcomes considering how successful they where in transcending waves from matter.

On the frontline of science, theories such as quantum field theory hypothesises that the elemental particles of the universe comes into existence from irregularities in different planes of reality: each plane for every elemental particle.

This is why I consider waves an endlessly fascinating subject matter because of their profound connection with reality itself and how versatile their representations are.

Other photos from the same shoot:


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