[Tutorial] – Anti-contrast

From my 22nd photo shoot I went with a different technique through experimenting with exaggerating the inherent contrast in the motive:Though the edit is simple, the preconditions here are essential. Down bellow I’ve made an attempt at analysing how one could replicate the effect.

IMG_9661.JPG2017-03-31 23_07_04-v6.psd @ 16,7% (Curves 1, Layer Mask_8)

The first precondition which I think is the most essential is the values of colour in your2017-04-03 03_51_43-v5.psd @ 16,3% (Background, RGB_8) _ image. Bringing up the histogram you can compare your values to mine to the original vs the grainy version. While I won’t (and can’t) get too technical, there are a few prominent characteristics :

  • “Suspension bridge shape”
  • The RGB values (Red, Green and Blue) are similar making for quite a flat image
  • Quite a lot of grays

You can get this particular window by following the short video bellow. (A lot of other photography applications/programs include this, even the simpler ones including apps). You can preview the video if you right-click it and select “open in another tab”.


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

2017-04-03 03_36_43-v5.psd @ 16,7% (Curves 1, Layer Mask_8) _.png

So with these three key elements in place lets look at the contrast curve I set for the image. Using the curve tool in Photoshop I am able to manipulate the levels of which colours that will be expressed in the image.

The video bellow illustrates the effect (Filter-pixelate-mezzotint-whatever type you would like) I have added to the image to effectively removed certain colours from the image adding more gray.



ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2).gif

So analysing the curves side by side we can see that I have moderated the values to the left while exaggerating the levels on the right of the spectre That makes for the gradient look. A video bellow illustrates this perfectly. The curves in the curve tool is similar to the curves of the original photo. I am not entirely sure what that makes for but I believe by having a curve similar to the shape of the histogram, you to a higher degree preserve the colours in the original photo.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (3).gif

Actually “Inverting” the curve makes for this result:

2017-04-03 04_34_51-Icecream screen recorder.png

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