Shoot 20 – Milk bath


Despite my long absence from the site, I have persisted in experimenting with photography and will update you with everything that I have made up until this point. I was inspired by a post I saw on Facebook (which incidentally is untraceable), but the basic outcome is the same as in the photo bellow:

Bilderesultat for milk bath

I tried at first to create the entire image digitally, only using a simple motive of my hand, but it proved tedious and did not make for a successful outcome, at first at least.

I moved on to the bathtub, exploring both the unique light in the bathroom at the time of filming as well as the properties of the water and reflections.


Later I sticks to the motive and utilised my standard technique of moving the camera in order to distort the image in an intended way.


To explore an alternative perspective I was able to get my hands on a waterproof GoPro camera. To get the same desired effect as with my DSLR I bashed and threw it into the water at different speeds and angles.


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