Shoot 9: Still lives re-imagined

My reunion with my primary subject matter of my AS-level photography course (paper), I never explored with colour in those photographs, for instance coloured paper. In a random encounter with pieces of crumbled advertising on paper on my desk, I found the properties of the light and subject matter to be fascinating.

jan_van_huysum_dutch_-_fruit_piece_-_google_art_projectLater today I encountered this piece by Jan van Huysum, Fruit Piece (1972). My reverence for this piece’s harmonic colour palette reserved beauty.  This made me realise that I could replicate the tranquil still lifes by my favourite dutch artists on my own desk, but in my own personal and abstract re-imagining.

h5_71-5   mg_1836

Regardless that this connection appeared two weeks later than the images that will follow bellow, I will try to pursue this stylefor a few shoots to see if I can achieve a similar motive with abstract forms and different subject matters. I think that in many ways I can transform and preserve, even enhance the tranquil feel of classical still lives.That the abstract properties will add to this



I was particularly satisfied with this piece as it draws similarities to a portrait of an elderly woman of the nobility seemingly wearing a fur coat.


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