The dismantling of colour

As a continuation of my initial attempt  at replicating the concept by Matthew Brandt I sought to go further with digital manipulation of my pictures, adding colour to extend the message of the “Singularity” concept.


Simply adding layers using colour and masks perhaps would produce interesting results . But with enough effort put into it I could’t be bothered with the blank surfaces it created, colour without substance, without meaning.


Going even further I combined two images from shoot 2,  using the “Displace” filter, and while originally I parked this idea, I saw that the displaced structure of the imported image would distort the original, which founded the foundation of my newest result.


Going further with this, utilising masks more extensively, I wanted to borrow the texture and colour from my catalogue to enhance what my previous attempts at imitating Matthew Brandt had failed to, compromising for uninteresting meaninglessness.


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