The lost ideal of man

Independent of which ideology people subscribe to, beliefs or values they hold as their torch. Those torches which guides through the immediate darkness that envelops and isolates every single one of us, in rare cases is deaden by the glimmering of an ideal far off.

In the span of the two world wars, the fascists, the communists and the liberals created the ideal man in their image. But as the tides of time brutally washes away what has been; more than ever an apparent need to reconnect with the streamlines of the past has grown urgent. In the postmodern world where meaning and truth is arguably decided by the individual, what connects us as on a human level is a depleeting shallow lake.

But how could a chaotic Europe with the coups, revolutions  and two World Wars spawn anything radically unsaturated enough that we in our liberal western societies can filter it and with consideration sympathies with and perhaps bring with us. Out of all the New Utopian men, the communist perhaps hold most intrinsic value. The New Soviet man was above all a person who rose from the shortcomings in the human condition. A purpouse in and of itself, but also for the best of his sosiety.


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