Reflection #1

Exploring into the abstract qualities of blur outside a studio setting, I’ve been persuaded by the details of richly complex motives. The random shapes of light and shadow the forest forms in particular, caught my eye: img_5690

In contrast to my usage of blur i previous projects, the motives were on a micro scale. The forest however are part of the macro motives I’ve steered away from in previous attempts at capturing big subjects as I’ve never managed to capture interesting results.


It might be a problem of composition or lighting, nonetheless I’ve found great value in what is not clearly defined, but I’ve never attempted macro-scale subjects using the same techniques as in my AS-level photography course.


Alongside with pursuing subjects of great detail and at macro scale, I’ve explored into the style of mixed media with clear inspiration from Vasilisa Forbes, as mentioned earlier in Abstract vs Abstract. Although I consider the outcomes to be rather successful, I’ve yet not discovered a way to develop her technique or differentiate my work from hers.

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